Life at LifePoints
  • Craft Night with Pam    
    Oakwood Estate and Linden Estate

    This event repeats each Tuesday night at Oakwood and Thursday night at Linden.

  • Listen to Church Sermons Live over the Toll Free Phone Lines    
    Timber Ridge

    A live church service will be held once a month. Bible Bingo on Sundays! These events will be repeated on Sundays throughout the year.

  • Bible Study    

    Bible studies will be held on various days of the month throughout our homes.

  • Oakwood Estate Activities    

    Oakwood residents will enjoy shopping, dining out and other activities at various times throughout the month!

  • 16 Bed and CILA Group Homes     
    In the smaller group homes, events are planned on an individual basis so most house activities are not posted here.

  • Trek to the Library    

    Various nights of the week.

  • Gold's Gym and Curve's    
    Timber Ridge and Group Homes

  • Bowling    
    Timber Ridge and Group Homes

    Various nights of the week. At various times, residents will enjoy bowling at Special Olympics events as well!

  • More Fun Things...    
    Timber Ridge and all Group Homes

    Dining out at local restaurants ~ Banking Trips ~ Shopping Trips ~ Game Nights ~ Swimming on Thursdays (CILAs) ~ Special Olympics Bowling ~ Concerts in the Park during summer months